Vetrazzo Countertops
Vetrazzo Color Palette

Our palette is constantly evolving as we discover new sources of discarded glass. Our designers have fun with the infinite possibilities. Here is our current palette. Check back often to see what’s new.

Every panel of Vetrazzo® is unique. Variations in pattern and coor will occur - they are an inherent part of Vetrazzo's beauty.

Vetrazzo, the original recycled glass surface. For a decade now Vetrazzo has created dazzling surfaces in places where people live, work and play all across the country.

Exquisitely repurposed glass.

With Vetrazzo Surfaces you can express both your styles and your respect for the earth without compromise. Vetrazzo is 85% glass, and all the glass we use is recycled - so it really is good for the environment.

Strong & Beautiful Vetrazzo's artful surfaces are incredibly strong, durable, and a joy to live with, now and for a long, long time. Vetrazzo is tested and certified by NSF International

Vetrazzo Countertops